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Like many others, I'm also dreaming about a multi-tool FDM printer. Although I real like the UM gantry style, the cross in the middle makes it hard for using a multiple tooling setup. So I decided to rebuild an used UM2 to a CoreXY system and try to reuse as many parts as possible. Finaly I only bought new linear ball bearings (2x) for the 8 mm shafts on the side, some idler pulleys and ofcourse a longer belt. The new bearing blocks were printed first (ABS) and later updated to aluminium versions. Since Marlin already supports CoreXY (remove the "Quick_home" function), it's was a relative easy conversion. So the question is, is this still an modified UM printer or just another DIY printer? Since I'm reusing UM technology, but re-ordered some existing parts, I still like to call this a "DIY UM2 CoreXY printer". :)

The good thing about the design, it has the same build envelope like a normal UM2, when a simular print head is used. It was also working during a 24 hours print. But still needs some improvents for a more easy way to tension the belts. Right now you need at least 3 hands to do this in a propper way.

Still working on a 'perfect' solution.
To be continued...