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  • For a while ago, I wanted to create a big cnc router. So I needed some tools to build this. Therefore I bought the HBM250, which is a mill-turntable combination. Because that's not very handy, I bought an additional XY cross table, for mounting the BF16 mill. Later I also bought some stepper motors and thought, why creating a router? I can also rebuild my BF16! So from that moment I started this project. The building progress could by followed on these pages.
    The BF16 mill is sold under different names: Opti BF 16 Vario, Quantum BF 16 Vario, HBM BF16 and in the US: XJ-9510. (There are some minor changes in the specifications like max. spindle speed ranging from 2250 to 3000 [rpm].)

    Starting 2009, I did not have a real plan. Just go with the flow & fun..
    Learning some more about electronics, how steppers work, how to attach electronics etc.
    Then during 2010/2011, the project was paused because of a temporary move.

    Finally in 2013 I started to get some workable results:

  • Handheld functionality: very handy, about 90% of the time, I'm using the mill in manual mode.
  • CNC milling: also very handy, I'm able to send the next NC-codes: G0,G1,G2 & G3.
    Checkout the different sections for more info.

    Today's configuration:

    Wish list:

    • Create home-switches (& working with absolute & relative coordinates).
    • Create edge finder tool (for 3D scanning)
    • Create mill-height compensator
    • Create 4th axis (is almost working)
    • Optimize maximum speeds & accelerations
    • Start milling some nice projects...

    Not-anymore-wish list:

    • Create a working 3D extruder (idealy granulate)
      Due to the heavy masses/stiffness of the system, it's not very handy to attach an extruder to this mill. The speeds are relative low, compared to FDM 3D printers. So printing is way too time consuming. Instead I did build a 3d DLP printer.